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A award winning desginer with a lot of heart


My name is Sarah, and I am a graphic designer based in Los Angeles California with over 13 years of experience, 5000+ clients, 6000+ finished works of art, and a variety of challenging projects. Only high-quality packaging and branding, with a detailed and original logo design. Not just design, but also print, web, illustrations, logos, UI-UX, newsletters, and a lot more. I promise complete satisfaction for you.

I’ve got your back if you’re just getting started and don’t know where to begin or if you’re trying to refresh your brand. Here are a few of the products and services we provide:

  • Creating a brand’s visual identity & logo.
  • Design of printed materials such as business cards and brochures as well as yearly reports.
  • Retail enterprises, including food and beverage sectors, and packaging design.
  • Social media material, reports, infographics, and advertisements in digital form.
  • Portrait, product, event, and food photography are all examples of photography.
  • Printing services for brochures, yearly reports, packaging, signs, and labels are available.
  • There are a number of translation services on the market.

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Graphic design logo

Customers form an emotional connection with your brand via the design of your logo. Before constructing this link, professional logo designers thoroughly research the values of the company and the intended audience. Specialized logo designers, rather than generalists, are the true architects that create memorable, successful logos & brand identities. Small and medium-sized enterprises may benefit greatly from sarahzohair's logo design services.

  • The Logo and Brand Manual
  • Stationery for Business
  • Shop Fronts & Signage
  • Promotional Products
  • To put it another way, packaging design
  • social media and infographics
  • T-Shirts and Employees Uniforms Design
  • Word Templates for Sales Presentations

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I've the answers to your questions

Here are some common questions about Logo Design

Logo Design

How do I proceed if I’m not satisfied with the designs you’ve produced?2022-08-25T08:09:55+00:00

If I don’t meet your expectations, I’ll let you know. As a result of this discussion, I’ll rework the designs based on your feedback, as well as what I’ve learned about your preferences. Each design is explained in detail by the creative lead, and if you don’t grasp the reasoning behind a design, it may not be something you enjoy. After learning that the W of CROWN property and tours have a crown motif, Ana Johnson was astounded.

Your design thoughts should be ready in how much time?2022-08-25T08:09:17+00:00

Something fascinating usually takes 24 to 48 hours to develop. It may take longer at times, but I’ll keep you updated. Logo design is an iterative process, thus I want you to be understanding if I take my time and put in extra effort in creating the ideal brand identity for you.

How many revisions are available?2022-08-25T08:08:39+00:00

Until you fall in love! We’ll keep working on the logo you’ve chosen until you say yes. Exactly what I was looking for.

Before I buy, can you provide me with a watermarked copy of your logo?2022-08-25T08:08:06+00:00

No. It’s unnecessary to spend time on watermarked samples when dealing with a professional like myself.

A refund request is feasible, right?2022-08-25T08:07:37+00:00

Yes, theoretically, but if you work with me, you won’t be getting a refund. Who wants a refund after witnessing such a high degree of inventiveness, you got it just right? Nonetheless, I’m going to be more lenient with refunds here.

Who is the rightful owner of the logo?2022-08-25T08:07:07+00:00

The artwork will be yours alone. After the project is finished, you will get a copyright transfer letter.

What if I will like many of the designs you’ve shown?2022-08-25T08:06:34+00:00

In the end, just one final logo design will be presented to you for consideration and approval. Extra copyrights and artwork files may be purchased if you would like to have more than one logo variant.

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Sarah Zohair


Mike Piazza

2 Day ago

Sarah was really helpful. As a person starting my own company and looking to create a logo, she worked with me, listened to my ideas, and was able to deliver something tailored to my needs. Great job!

Salman Alawamleh

6 days ago

Great job and amazing service. I am Looking forward to do more business with you.Best regards

Emmanuel Laforest

1 week ago

I never dealt with someone who’s so talented and professional. I highly recommend him! Super satisfied with my company logo!

Romada INC

1 week ago

To start, with Sarah that was amazing. The interaction with them was fluid. The response were on the spot, it;s like we were the main priority of the business. It was a pleasure doing business with them and I am sure this is not the last one! Until next time… Thank you !

Punching Grace

1 week ago

Great service, very understanding to our highly demanding and changing requests. Will definitely be contacting them for future work. Thank you!

Omar Bizri

1 week ago

Amazing service and quality of work. Tried several companies and non knew exactly what I was looking for. Sarah and his executed a Phenomenal job on our project. Five starts underrated..

Roy Jee

2 week ago

Sarah is very attentive and responsive. Her Illustrator is fantastic as well! Coming in with, what I find to be a more eccentric project, Sarah and his team helped develop our ideas, and brought them to life. Everything from the design to the colours look great, and there is already talk of working with Sarah in the future. Big thank you from The Fats!

Lora Laster

2 week ago

Sarah performed the work well, listened to our feedback, took corrective measures and delivered the final satisfactory results

Richard Richard

2 week ago

Finished logo design was PERFECT! All deliverables were excellent quality. Exactly what I wanted.